Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NEL Program Redesigned

Many workers have by now experienced the changes to the Non Economic Loss (NEL) system. In the past, workers were sent a roster of doctors to choose from for their assessment. A physical examination was required in every case.

As of July 2, 2008 , a NEL Clinical Specialist will review the information contained in your file such as functional abilities evaluations, medical, chiropractic, and physiotherapy reports to determine if there is sufficient information to rate your NEL benefit. If the information is complete, that is provides Range of Motion information after your date of maximal medical recovery, your NEL Benefit will be rated based on the information in your file. You will receive a letter explaining the decision, as well as the payment.

If an examination is required, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board will either refer you to a Regional Evaluation Center to have your assessment done or send you a list of doctors specially trained to assess your type of injury or disease. Generally 3 or 4 names are provided as opposed to the pages of doctors names previously given. In either case, you choose which doctor will examine you from those names supplied to you.

The WSIB will reimburse you for travel expenses and any lost wages that result from attending the examination.

After the examination, the doctor will send the WSIB a medical report. This report, as well as the medical information on you claim file will be reviewed to calculate your NEL benefit. You and your employer will each receive a copy of the doctor’s report as well as a letter to explain how the benefit was calculated.

You will also receive the option of receiving the monies as a lump sum but must make this request in writing within 35 days of receiving the decision letter from the Board.


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