Friday, December 12, 2008

Bill 119 brings Mandatory Registration to Construction Workers

For many years the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board has talked about making coverage mandatory for all independent operators in the construction industry. Problems related to identifying who is truly an independent operator has plagued the Board for many years and many appeals have been heard before the Tribunal on this issue. The question of whether a construction worker was working for himself or someone else required the completion of various forms and disclosure of what some individuals considered confidential information including lists of competitors and financial statements. Other individuals were being injured only to find out that there was no coverage.

A determination that an individual was an independent operator has also meant a loss of income for the Board. These individuals did not have to pay premiums nor did the companies for which they provided services.

The Ontario Legislature has passed Bill 119 that will extend mandatory coverage to independent operators, sole proprietors, some partners in a partnership and some executive officers in the construction industry. While the Bill has passed, the law is not expected to come into effect until 2012. Those in the construction industry will not be required to be registered until the Act comes into effect.

The WSIB is now working on developing the policies, systems and administrative processes to support the implementation of this legislation. Those in the construction industry should check the Act to see how they will be impacted and check the Board's website for updates on registration requirements.


Anonymous said...

Typical dictatorship. Presently, I have a far more SUPERIOR coverage plan that what WSIB can ever offer. It gives coverage 24/7 at a more affordable price with an incentive program that WSIB will NEVER offer the independant operators in the construction field. IF this Bill ever gets to the stage where I am expected to participate without choice, there will be one less employer in the workforce.

Anonymous said...

As the last guy said
This is the time for all owner operators to mass to gether to tell these greedy bastards and Meguinty to go and screw them selves
Lets unite to save just about our last freedom

mikeI said...

I've had enough, I'm shutting down my company and will not be subject to any more of the Ontario Govt's blatant tax boondoggles. Enough is enough, I'm out.

Anonymous said...

look up the communist will find out who these filthy bastard really serve and it's not you

Anonymous said...

actually, they serve the vatican. All civil law in just about every nation is created by the holy see and governments are compelled to put them into place. This is the great whore that rides the beast. She won't be happy till she sucks the life out of every country and every individual.