Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Times are changing at WSIB

We are now in times of change at WSIB and unfortunately not good change for the average worker. Workers are being told that they can work, despite their doctors opinion. Workers are being told that they have recovered and their problems are related to preexisting conditions, despite continuing to have symptoms they have never experienced before. Workers face long delays in the appeals process and face risk of bankrupcy.

If these sound like problems that you face- one thing that our experience over the years has taught us is to never give up. Be sure that you appeal the decisions you disagree with and seek professional assistance with your appeal. Despite all the changes at WSIB, there is still hope and success at WSIB Appeals Branch and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal .


Edwin Somers said...

I have had a 6 year battle with WSIB and it is still not resolved I do not know what to do. Who do I call?

Edwin Somers said...

I have had a 6 year battle with WSIB and it is still not resolved I do not know what to do. Who do I call?


Unknown said...

I am going to tell you straight up, there is no one out there for the average worker, its an absolute disgrace, wsib a corporation set on bankrupting the worker,n who runs this useless entity and who is collecting their multi million dollars wages

Anonymous said...

86 of the wealthiest Canadians own the same amount of $ as 11.4 million poor Canadians. WTF is going on CANADA? If you dont stand up for them when the time comes there will be nobody left to stand up for you?

G B Balou

Anonymous said...

Hang in there people as long as you can I guess. It seems the way if wsib is to initially say yes then start to deny everything. They tend to include health providers cherry picked by them to side with them.

I wish there was some sort of punitive avenue we as injured workers could take and make the wsib pay punative damages for their maltreatment of injured workers. I had a girl deny one part of my injury who hadent even reached a level of medical education that I had reached. Imagine someone with less knowledge and education in your field tell you you are wrong when they aren't even knowledgeable enough to even make that call. Even when uou spell out the exact legislations where they are wrong along with giving point by point using the holy DSM bible they refer to. It amazes me to no end not to mention breaking me. I have retained Suzanne to represent me and once the ball starts rolling I have every intention of documenting the process.

Ive been told I picked a winner who is only 1 of 10 wsib pro lawyers and cant wait until she takes them all to task on my behalf.

One thing I was curious of is if something was to ever happen to me before, during and once wsib is forced to do their job and reinstate my benefits will my surviving newborn receive what I was entitled to? I'll have to check on that!

So I guess people, hang in there I'm right with ya. I will do my best to get info on my own case out via social media so it may help others in a similar situation. Thanks for reading my rant!!

jon doe said...

I feel bad for all the injured. I am One since 2002.
"worse than other jobs or cutting and welding contaminated metals" I was gassed and had three heart beats;very sick.The job stewart grabbed me around the throat pinned me against the wall and said shut up. around 20% of the men on this job were given full wsib chemical exposure claims, none from my trade, Given a new job fast so to get the quit off my record. I still was dizzy. My new cheap boss made us share rain jackets with the other shift; my safety glasses went missing from the pocket. I asked for new ones; and told GFY. I went to work with shades in the rain at 7 am. crushed my hand and had a finger put back on. when I woke up my boss was talking to the surgeon in the corner? Next day I was on light duty. Dr. told me to stay home so I did. WSIB cut off my wages. stupid me went back to work with one hand. Injured my other shoulder over using it on light duties. laid off, given LMR my provider sent my dream future job applications late and I was denied by the schools. WSIB gave me one week to choose a local coarse or be cut off again. finished LMR. now broke with no job or wsib funds; because of the "wsib averaging policies" towards construction, I was left with zero income. I could not find work from the new LMR training. had surgery on my other arm injured from light duties I went back to original job when some what healed help at light duties I was told but re injured my arm. tried minimum wage jobs but my condition gets me a bad rap.

today while await for another possible surgery while my health deteriorates..I applied for CPPD and saw a bankruptcy lawyer...first I must go into a bad credit, sell all assets, oh and use up all my equity.

Why are the injured & their families the only ones who suffer in this story?

Alex Jennings said...

It's frustrating that workers can be mistreated by their employers—especially when it directly impacts their health. Where do you go to file a complaint? Also, do you have the link to the WSIB laws?

Alex Jennings | WSIB London

Giovana said...

It is a sad day if workers' compensation isn't working any more for those who need it. Is there any chance of appeal if your claim is denied? How do you set up an appointment if that happens?

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

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