Monday, January 04, 2010

WSIB New Year Housekeeping

There have been a number of initiatives and changes at the WSIB in recent months.

WSIB has started to publish a few select decisions from the Appeals Branch on the publicly accessible website Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII).  Although the Board makes its decisions on a case by case basis and are very fact driven, it will be interesting to see if there is any value in using these decisions for policy interpretation purposes.  The decisions can be found at:

The WSIB has introduced two Recurrence teams as part of its new service delivery model.  One is located in Toronto the other in Hamilton.  The teams are responsible for making decisions concerning all recurrences adn secondary injuries where the file has not be active for more than 30 days.  As well, all decisions concerning work disruptions which include short term, long term layoffs, strikes and plant closures are handled by the Recurrence team.  EI Work share and Work reductio programss would fall under this team's purview as well.

WSIB has announced a consultaiton regarding the joint health and safety committee certification program.  For details go to:

The Board also started a SIEF (Secondary Injury Enhancement Fund) pilot project in Hamilton.  All SIEF requests are to be handled by a special team who will adjudicate all SIEF decisions rather than the adjudicator. SIEF is a program that basically provides demployers with cost relief that translates into reduced premiums with the amount of relief being dependent the severity of the workplace accident and severity of the preexisting conditions or injuries.

Finally, the Board updated severally Policies in October and November, 2009.  These include:

Disclosure of Claim File Information to Worker or Employer Representatives
Disclosure of Claim File Information to Health Care Providers, LMR Providers and Research Entities
Hearing Devices
Independent Living Devices

The new policies can be found at

Happy New Year!

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