Thursday, June 30, 2005

CPP Offsets and Loss of Earnings

If you are in receipt of Canada Pension Benefits and Workplace Safety and Insurance Benefits there are new policies which affect you. Currently, the Board offsets 100% of CPP benefits received by the worker or their survivor for the work related injury. This has been the approach for individuals who receive either 100% loss of earnings benefits from the Board or partial loss of earnings benefits from the Board. Often times those who were granted partial benefits from the Board and also were receiving CPP benefits would not be paid any compensation because of the offset. This was certainly not fair.

The Board has now adopted a new formula so that the portion of the CPP benefits which exceeds the deemed earnings amount will be added to worker's post injury earnings. While the Board will continue to deduct 100% of CPP benefits which relate to the compensable injury from individuals who receive 100% benefits the new rules for those who have been deemed by the Board to have some earning capacity should be fairer.

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